• Why a custom fitted mouthguard is essential for sport

    Each year dentists around the country meet too many children with trauma to their teeth and mouth because of a sporting injury. Several of these injuries could have been avoided if the child was wearing a customized mouthguard.

    Mouthguards are worn by professional athletes and the sooner children start wearing them and consider them as the norm the better.

    These are the various types of mouthguards available – Off the shelf, Boil and bite types that are available at sports shops, or the ones that are customized and fitted by a dentist.

    The Oral Health Foundation recommends the customized mouthguards from a dentist as the safest and preferred option

    We know that customized mouthguards are more costly than off the shelf options still we would urge you to spend a little more and get one properly fitted. It may seem like a lot of money, but then again compared to a lifetime of dental treatment or the distress of tooth loss, it really isn’t.