• What is Best Solution For Missing Teeth

    Replace missing teeth with dental implants

    Dr Satinder Dhami has been placing dental implants in Slough at Puresmile Dental & Implants for over 15 years and still sees many patients who are benefitting from the original implants. He uses only the very best implants and technology to plan and place dental implants. By continual professional development, lecturing and training dentists in dental implant placement Dr Satinder Dhami is now recognised as an industry leader and one of the most experienced dental implant specialists working in the UK today. It’s just one of the reasons why Puresmile Dental & Implants is a referral practice for other dental practices.

    Why should I have an implant?

    Dental Implants are the best way to replace a missing tooth or teeth as they not only look like your natural teeth, but behave like them too, which means they keep and promote bone around them to maintain facial structure, maintain your gumline, to ensure your tooth looks natural, enable you to eat normally and give you much more confidence both at work and socially. Being confident in how you look and eat is one of the most important things you can give yourself for peace of mind and quality of life.

    Can anyone have an implant?

    New advances in technology now means more people than ever before are benefitting from dental implants. This is because we can use the new technology to find the optimum bone to place it into and use navigation planning to ensure we place it precisely where planned. At Puresmile Dental & Implants in Slough we only use implant systems from industry leading companies that invest in research to ensure their implant type will always provide the best aesthetic result. We also educate patients throughout the implant process so they remain committed to maintaining good gum health to ensure the implant, like natural teeth, will last. We’ll always advise patients who need to restore their gum health before implants can be placed at their first consultation.

    Are dental implants painful?

    Dental implant surgery is probably the most complex dental treatment available. It’s why patients often do a lot of research before deciding on which dental practice to use. Dr Satinder Dhami is one of the most experienced dental implant specialists in the UK which means his surgical technique is fined tuned to cause as little trauma to the surrounding area to where the implant is placed, as possible. The post-operative care you’ll receive is also as good as it gets which is why we see so many dental implant patients at Puresmile Dental & Implants in Slough. You can find more about why so many patients choose us for dental implants on the link.

    How long do dental implants last?

    The short answer is they can last as long as your natural teeth if they are looked after properly and we will always be available to advise on how best to maintain your new implants.

    Can I have implants to replace all my teeth?

    Yes, provided there is enough bone. At Puresmile Dental & Implants we offer multiple dental implants , full mouth reconstruction , teeth-in-a-day For a full arch, we use either 4 or 6 implants and use these as anchors for a dental bridge. You’ll have a temporary bridge or denture while the implants are integrating.

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