• What are the risks of having dental implants abroad?

    Fitting single or multiple dental implants requires highly skilled, specialised dental skills and should never be attempted by a general dentist unless they’ve been trained in dental implantology.

    Now the Covid vaccine has been widely distributed across Europe and international travel is opening up, UK dental patients may be tempted to combine a foreign holiday with some cheap cosmetic dentistry. Although there are cosmetic benefits to having dental implants, treatment is much more complex than other cosmetic dental treatments. For this reason we asked the team at Puresmile Dental & Implants in Farnham Common, Slough, Berkshire, to consider the risks involved in going abroad for dental implants.
    We recognise the cost of dental implant treatment will be a factor in choosing where you have your dental implants fitted and there are dental practices overseas that will offer a cheaper alternative to UK dental clinics. We also know there’ll be well qualified dentists in well run dental clinics able to offer lower cost treatment because of currency exchange rates and the lower cost of living in some countries. However, there are pitfalls to be aware of when travelling abroad for dental implant treatment which we’ll cover in this blog.

    How big a saving are you really making?

    The headline savings in advertisements for overseas implants may not be as big when you factor in the cost of travel and accommodation.

    What materials are being used?

    At Puresmile Dental & Implants in Farnham Common, Slough, Berkshire, we only use the very best dental implant systems recognised by experts across the world. Only the best materials will allow the required osseointegration process to take place which means we have an almost 100% success rate for dental implant treatment. Some dental practices use inferior materials to lower the cost of treatment but these materials can lead to unstable implants and even implant failure which will require further dental work to correct.

    Is your dental implant specialist fully qualified?

    The UK dental industry is probably the most regulated in the developed world but there are some counties with much lower standards when it comes to dental regulation. This can lead to partially qualified dentists being able to place dental implants. Less qualified dentists means lower fees but also an increased risk of problems developing further down the line. At Puresmile Dental & Implants in Farnham Common, Slough, Berkshire, we’ve completed thousands of successful implant cases and have a team of experienced dental implant specialists.

    What happens if you need further post-care treatment?

    Placing dental implants requires a surgical procedure and, as with any surgery, there are risks involved which, in the UK, will be fully explained to every patient. Dental implant success rates are high in the UK and almost 100% at Puresmile Dental & Implants in Farnham Common, Slough, Berkshire. That said, if any issues develop after surgery you’ll need to be seen as soon as possible. This could be problematic and costly if your dentist is abroad. Good after care is very important for all dental implant patients and it’s easier to monitor patients recovery if the practice is close by. In fact, it’s not unusual for the team at Puresmile Dental & Implants in Farnham Common, Slough, Berkshire, to see patients who’ve had dental implants abroad and require further dental work.

    No language barrier

    At Puresmile Dental & Implants in Farnham Common, Slough, Berkshire, we’re delighted to receive so many 5 star dental reviews from our patients. Time and time again we hear how much our patients appreciate how our dental team treat them with such care and attention, taking time to explain in detail whatever dental treatment they’re about to have. Giving every patient a first-class dental experience and putting patients at ease is what we’re all about. One problem that can occur with getting dental treatment overseas is the language barrier. If it’s hard to get the full explanation you need or to have any questions or concerns communicated effectively then this can lead to an increase in anxiety both before and after treatment.

    It’s understandable some patients are tempted by cheaper alternatives abroad but, as we’ve discussed, there are hidden costs to dental implant treatment, both financial and otherwise, that should not be ignored. To help with any cost concerns we’re delighted to be able to offer our Slough dental patients help in spreading the cost of dental treatment with some really attractive dental finance options.

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