• Solutions for Multiple Tooth Loss

    Do you have missing teeth? Addressing this issue immediately will avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment associated with long-term tooth loss. It can be tempting to simply ignore the problem and not seek treatment. Especially if only one tooth is affected. But finding a solution to tooth loss will benefit your smile and your life in many ways, so don’t ever think you have to live without teeth.

    Dentures, which are prosthetic teeth restorations that restore the healthy appearance and function of missing teeth, are one of the quickest treatments for tooth loss. They’re fitted precisely in your mouth and palate and positioned so they feel secure. However, because they’re not firmly fastened to anything, dentures will become looser over time. When they become loose, they’ll begin to move around inside the mouth, irritating the gums, tongue, and sensitive inner mouth tissue. Also, because they have a propensity to come out unexpectedly, there’s always the possibility of experiencing the odd embarrassing moment or two.

    The best options for replacing missing teeth are dental implants. These are synthetic titanium roots implanted into the jawbone to stop bone loss and to provide a stable foundation for dental bridges or crowns to be attached to. The new teeth will be permanently fixed in place as the secure implants do their job of holding them firmly in place, so you won’t have to worry about the discomfort and embarrassment of loose dentures. Moreover, dental implants and tooth replacements are made to offer you a smile that looks completely natural and one you can be proud of.

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