• Dental Implants 2023: The Problem with Loose False Teeth

    As of January 2023 a quick google on denture wearers in the UK reveals 6% of adults have no natural teeth and most of them wear dentures. A further 13% of adults wear partial dentures. The number of people with no natural teeth increases to 15% for 65-74-year-olds and 23% for people aged 75 and above. A set of dentures used to be the best option when it comes to solving missing teeth problems as they’re easily created in a laboratory using a patient’s exact mouth measurements and can be created without the need for surgery or any invasive dental procedure. The function and healthy appearance of a smile is restored within a short period of time; as soon as the dentures are created and fitted comfortably inside the mouth.

    However, dentures are not permanently attached to the jaw and this is where problems can start to develop. As time goes by and without the stimulation of a tooth’s root the jawbone starts to become thinner after tooth loss. As the jawbone deteriorates and thins the comfortable fit of dentures is affected and they start to loosen. As soon as dentures start to loosen and lose their grip so starts a pattern of problems most denture-wearers are all too familiar with.

    At Puresmile Slough Dental & Implants in Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire, the most common complaint we hear from patients who wear dentures is their inability and insecurity around what foods they can eat. Loose fitting dentures make it impossible to eat and enjoy all the foods you like as the artificial teeth are moving around with no control over what you can chew and bite. With each uncontrolled movement, the dentures will rub against the palate, gums, and tongue making sitting down for a meal something you dread rather than look forward to. Loose dentures have the tendency to move around uncontrollably inside the mouth since they are not anchored securely to the jaw. This movement can also make speaking clearly difficult to manage, often causing a great deal of embarrassment for the wearer. The continuous movement of dentures can also cause discomfort as mouth sores develop on the soft inner mouth tissues.

    We have a range of dental implant options designed to solve all your painful and embarrassing loose denture problems. Our dental implant specialists in Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire, have helped thousands of patients get joy back into their lives through the simple pleasures of carefree eating, smiling and laughing.

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