The appearance of teeth is the main focus of cosmetic dentistry, especially the teeth visible when smiling. Although dentist should always concentrate on dental health first, significant enhancement can be achieved without excessively changing the tooth structure. Computer simulation and smile design helps the dentist and patient to sample and try the treatment to get more foreseeable result. The most popular and conservative treatments available are detailed below.


    This comprises bleaching your teeth to get rid of any stains or discoloration on the teeth enamel. There is variety of choices accessible for whitening treatment such as at home procedure, the dental chair or a combination of both according to your budget and preference. Tooth whitening will only produce results on natural tooth enamel and fillings, crowns or veneers will not change colour


    To restore and fix small chips or minor discolouration a tooth coloured putty is used. It is shaped to seal the holes or chips in the teeth. This is hardened with ultraviolet light. Bonding can prevail for a few years before it is required to replace them.


    Contouring involves reshaping patient’s tooth or teeth. This can include modifying the shape, width, position or length. This needs strong healthy teeth as it entails using a laser or sanding to obtain the new shape. Contouring is at times employed together with bonding to fill in chips.


    These are formed of porcelain shells and fixed on the top of the teeth. They are anchored on each tooth individually, correcting the colour and shape and delivering a long lasting change as compared to whitening or bonding. It is a sought after by celebrities as its an easy way to achieve the perfect smile. You might however need to remove a very thin layer of enamel to let the veneer bond with the teeth.


    This is getting to be a very famous alternative used to straighten teeth. Invisalign uses a sequence of custom made aligners that are practically invisible and customised to steadily straighten teeth in the absence of metal wires or brackets. All aligners are worn for roughly 2 weeks and should only be removed for eating, brushing and contact sports.

    In case you get curious about whether or not any of these treatments may be suitable for you, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to address any of your concerns and answer any questions.